Holding Back The Plastics Tide

The panelists.

The panelists.

On 5 Feb we participated at the Visions for Change: Holding back the plastics tide event hosted by University of Edinburgh Sustainability  department. With inspiring and informative talks from our fellow speakers and an incredibly engaged audience; we had a wonderful evening. 

Here are the panelists’ presentations and more information about their work.

Cal Major: has more information about her paddleboarding expedition around the Isle of Skye on her website and her campaign website and recently wrote a blog for the Department, which you can read here

The Eco Larder: find out more on their website. Find the video they played last night here.

Laura: you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under @lesswastelaura. Her presentation is here. She wrote a wonderful blog for our Department on how she achieves her "less waste" lifestyle in Edinburgh.

Leithers Don't Litter: you can find out more and join their events via their website. Their presentation (with the text of Zsuzsa’s speech) is here.

Marine Conservation Society:  the presentation is here. Find more about their work or sign up to beach cleans on their website.

The next Visions for Change event, this time focusing on palm oil, will be held on 26 February, 18:00 in the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.