Actually, flytipping does matter. It costs Scotland £11 million a year.
When we asked Leithers in a survey in January 2018, 80 per cent of people
said that flytipping was a big problem in their daily lives. So we teamed up with Changeworks and developed this campaign for them as part of the Zero Waste Leith project.

Become a flyspotter.

First there was Trainspotting. Now there’s Flyspotting.
After months of research and preparation we launched our flytipping prevention campaign on 13th May 2018 in the test area of Albert Rd – Easter Rd – Lorne Street – Leith Walk. The campaign is part of the Zero Waste Leith project led by Changeworks, funded by the Scottish Government through Zero Waste Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund.
We’d like to share with you the learnings from the survey and research we completed in January this year and show you the elements of the campaign which we hope will help make Leith a cleaner, greener place.
We won’t succeed without the active participation from the community.  So in the last section we included how you can help to turn over a new Leith.
We’d really welcome your feedback. Drop us an email at [email protected]  

​You can download the campaign overview,, the indoor posters and the Sunshine booklet by clicking on the respective images.
Campaign overview
Sunshine booklet