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We love Leith. We hate litter.
Leith could be the loveliest part of Edinburgh. It would be a total pleasure to live here if only our streets were clean. Just moaning about it won’t fix it. So we've started Leithers Don’t Litter in August 2015. Our mission is to clean up our neighbourhood and make it famous for being a litter-free zone. In Autumn 2015 we completed a survey on litter and dog poo in Leith and here are the results. 
What we have done since then?  
  • We go out two or three times a week and pick up litter in our street. 
  • We started the Adopt-A-Street programme: if you sign a pledge saying that you'll help to keep your street tidy, you'll get free litterpickers and gloves from the council. We printed 200 posters for community spaces to promote the programme.
  • We had a two-month educational programme with Leith Academy . At the end of the programme we organised a litterpick with the teachers where 300 kids collected 100 bags of litter.
  • We visited Leith Primary and talked to the kids about the damage litter can do to animals and nature. We also taught them an anti-litter song.
  • We also visited the Broughton Scouts and the Broughton Cubs and talked about importance of litter prevention.
  • We have two  big community clean ups, per year. In  October 2015 , in March 2016 ,  on Earth's Day in April 2017  in Leith,  in September 2017 and April 2018 at Marine Esplanade .  On Marine Esplanade we collected a staggering 4-5 tons of  rubbish.
  • ​In the tourist season, from April to September we organise short, one-hour litterpicks around The Shore on the first Sunday of each month from 11.00am to 12.00 noon. For details go to our Facebook page's events section .
  • We printed 200 window stickers for takeaway shops to remind customers to dispose of their litter responsibly.
  • We organised " Crapitalism, A Rubbish Exhibition " in the Creative Exchange, Leith in June 2016.
  • We made a film with Scotland's best magician, Elliot Bibby. He's the only one who can make rubbish disappear. The rest of us better use the bins.
  • In May-June 2018 we ran our Flyspotting campaign which we developed for ChangeworksZero Waste Leith project to help prevent flytipping.
  • n 30 July 2016 we organised a demonstration called "United Colours of Leith"  to fight against racism and all other forms of discrimanition.  Because we feel that we have to stand up not only against litter but against rubbish ideologies. You can find details here , here and here .
Together we can make a difference.
Sometimes litter seems like an impossible problem. But if we work together, we can solve it.

Take a photo.

Report it.

Pick it up yourself.

  If you see a mess anywhere in Leith, please whip out your phone, take a picture and send it to us. Photos are really helpful. You can post them on our Facebook page and add the link to your report on the city council's website. They’re good at coming out quickly and clearing things up. 
If the council don’t know about a mess they can’t do anything about it. But if you tell them exactly where it is and file a report, they can get it sorted fast. Overflowing communal bins,, litter, dog fouling, flytipping - you can report all of these easily online.
This is how we got started. We started picking up the litter in our own street. Then we started on the playparks. After that we cleaned up Leith Walk. If you want to look like a pro or you have a dodgy back, you can order a proper litter-picker-upper online
  1. Litter.
    There was a bunch of used needles in among this mess. The day after we reported it, they were cleaned up.
  2. Abandoned signs.
    Abandoned signs.
    This roadworks sign was left lying on our street for months. We reported it on Friday and by Monday morning the traffic management company had collected it.
  3. Overflowing bins.
    Overflowing bins.
    These recycling bins were overflowing. You alerted the council and they came and took the rubbish away within 24 hours.